Give Your Teen The Boost They Need for Their Grades.

Hello Parents! Do you worry about your teen's grades? Have you tried everything you can to help them succeed in school, but nothing seems to be working?

You're not alone.

It’s a common struggle that many parents face, and it can be incredibly frustrating and stressful. 

Maybe you even hired tutors, and yet, their grades just don’t seem to improve. It’s easy to feel confused, and overwhelmed.

But guess what? There is hope!

Through years of research and experience working with teens as an Academic Life Coach, I have gathered together the solutions you need to boost your teen’s academic performance.

In the Boost Your Teen’s Grades eBook...

If you're ready to make a difference in your teen's life,

then you are in the right place ! You can help your teen achieve their academic goals and set them up for future success by getting your copy of Boost Your Teen’s Grades today!

About The Author

I am Dami Mgbemena a certified Academic Life Coach, as well as the founder of Student Inspired, a brand recognized for its high-quality academic coaching services.

Over the past few years, I have consistently supported teens to unlock their hidden potentials through the development of effective study skills, habits, and the necessary mindset to enhance their academic performance, excel in examinations, and attain long-term academic success.

I have had the privilege of studying and working across three distinct continents: Africa, Europe, and North America. Student Inspired was established through the culmination of my extensive academic experience gained in these three continents. 

My primary goal is to inspire, support, and mentor students to realize their full potential and achieve exceptional academic outcomes. Student Inspired offers a range of coaching, courses, and consulting services, aiming to empower parents in enhancing their children’s academic performance and instilling crucial life skills.

So here’s what inspired me to write this book for you

I have seen first hand the joy and the relief that parents feel when their child’s grades finally begins to improve.

I have also seen what poor grades does to a teen’s self esteem and its not pretty.

Working one-on-one with students only allows me to help a few families at a time and I really want to get the strategies I have discovered to as many parents around the world as soon as possible so they can help their teen break free from the disappointing cycle of bad grades.

Long before I became a coach, I’d a very strong desire to get As in all subjects. Sadly, my grades didn’t not always portray my desire nor my potential.

I would study so hard, only to be disappointed by some unexpected C or D grade, and it was like that all through my high school into my university days. 

I know you are wondering why the cycle continued up to my university days. Sadly, schools don’t teach students how to boost their grades, and I found myself in the same system. The only thing I heard constantly was, “read so you can pass.” 

I had a good attitude to school work yet my grades were not reflecting my high academic potentials. It continued like that until I went for my masters, and began to figure it out in bits. 

Going further to business school, I had figured out how to learn effectively. You know what that means? Good grades, I made it through with top grades and even made it to the Dean’s honors list. 

By the time I begun my training as an academic life coach, I finally understood the reason for my not so good grades in those years. 

Is your teen caught up in a situation like this? This book is the right guide for you to help them. It offers tips based on research, experience with teenagers and years of my expertise as an academic coach.

If you had access to information that can boost your teen’s grades, would you take advantage of it? If you are nodding your head to this, then you are at the right place. Come with me!

I’m excited to start this journey with you, and I’m confident that we can make a real difference in your teen’s life. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Copy of Boost Your Teen’s Grades today!

What Do You Stand To Gain?

This book offers a variety of tips and guidelines that can help you offers a variety of boost your teen’s grades.

It outlines everything you need to identify the root causes of your teen's academic struggles, with tips to develop a well laid plan to help them.

We picked out these five success stories

To help you feel confident about this purchase decision and clear your doubts, I have put together these testimonials from parents who have purchased the ebook and seen a difference in their teens’ lives.

Mrs Adewunmi, Nigeria


Before finding this book, I was frustrated by my son’s bad grades, and about giving up. We tried tutors, study groups, and other resources but none of them yielded much result. I bought “Boost Your Teen’s Grades” during the fair organized at my child’s school. I wasn’t expecting much, but I decided to try again. Within a matter of weeks, I started noticing changes in my son’s approach to academics. What stood out for me was the section on Lack of Belief and Fixed Mindset. It helped my son overcome his self doubt.

 Mr Samuel, USA


As a parent, I’ve experienced the frustration of seeing my child struggle with getting good grades. When a family friend recommended the book, I had my doubts about it, but after reading it it was different from other books I had tried. The tips were practical and they addressed my child’s needs. I loved the fact that it came with an extra copy for teens “Boost My Grades.” With that, the students can work on themselves too. I cannot thank Ms Dami enough for this great book.

Mr Johnson, Canada


Boost Your Teen’s Grades” is exactly what I needed as a parent. The book is full of practical advice, and very easy to follow.  My teen and I started working through the strategies together, and we’ve seen impressive results. I would highly recommend this book to any parent who wants to help their teen succeed in school and in life. God bless the author.

Mrs Uche, Lagos


My teen’s teacher has been complaining about her lack of focus in class. I tried to figure out what the problem was but I could not. “Boost Your Teen’s Grades” helped me find out that technology was one of the causes. Using the Grade Boost Action Plan I set boundaries for my teen. It has just been a few weeks, and the complaints from my teen’s teacher have reduced drastically.

Mrs Barmani, London


When my friend first told me about the book I did not want to get it since most of the resources I have gotten in the past had not lived up to my expectation. The book is very easy to understand, and implementing the tips was very easy with the action plan. I am glad I got it, I can now see a clear difference in my teen’s grades.

I hope that you are now even more ready to get your copy of the ebook.

Watch this video to get a sneak peek of the book

If you’re looking for a book that can help your teen improve their grades, search no further than our new guide, ” Boost Your Teen’s Grades.” Be rest assured about your buying decision, as solutions in the book answers all these questions.

The bottom line

Boost your Teen’s Grades can help you gain the clarity you need to help your child struggle less and succeed more. Period!

Here are some typical results you can expect if you implement the strategies included in the Grade Boost Action Plan.

You will observe;

“Boost Your Teen's Grades” is a powerful resource for any parent who wants to see their teen succeed in school and beyond.

 Now that you’ve seen that this book can help you, don’t let this opportunity slip away. Every day that goes by without implementing these tips is another day your teen continues in the cycle of bad grades.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I am so confident in the effectiveness of our “Boost Your Teen’s Grades” eBook. As a testament to my belief in its transformative power, I am extending a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

This unwavering commitment reflects my sincere assurance that this ebook can significantly help you enhance your teen’s academic performance.

Within 30 days of purchasing our eBook, if you are not impressed by the strategies we provided,  we encourage you to reach out to us for a hassle-free refund.

You have nothing to lose. So go ahead and purchase the book with peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected if, for any reason, you are not entirely satisfied with the contents.

By purchasing this eBook, you are making a commitment to your teen’s future.

I am honored to be a part of this journey, and confident that together, we can create a positive and lasting impact on your teen’s academic achievements.

Don't waste any more time letting your teen struggle!

unlock the potential for lasting success!

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