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Unlock Your Teen's Full Potential with Our Study Boost Club

We understand that as a parent, your dream is to see your child succeed, not just academically, but in life. You want them to be happy, have good character, become independent – You want them to maximise their potential. 

At Student Inspired, we understand that your teen’s journey through school is not just about memorising facts and figures; it’s about building essential skills, character development, developing a mindset for outstanding success, and preparing for an amazing future.

We’ve meticulously designed a group academic and life skills coaching program to help your teen flourish academically, while also building a strong foundation of life skills that will serve them well in every area of life.

If you dream of seeing your teen excel and secure a bright academic future, The Study Boost Club is here to make those dreams a reality.

What is the Study Boost Club

The Study Boost Club is more than just a study group; it’s a dynamic and supportive community designed to empower your teen for academic success and personal growth. 

The club is a  virtual academic life coaching program for teenagers 13 – 19). We provide them with the tools, support, and guidance necessary to thrive academically and to approach life’s challenges with unwavering confidence and resilience. 

Why choose the Study Boost Club?

Our mission is clear we empower teens with skills, habits and the mindset for  outstanding success in school and life. We help proactive and intentional parents  unlock their teen’s potential 🚀

Damilola Mgbemena (Founder)

The Study Boost Club fills the gap between traditional schooling and tutoring providing your teen with skills, structure and support to achieve academic excellence and personal growth. We nurture your teen’s academic abilities, enhancing their study skills, and fostering a positive mindset.




Our program provides students with a clear and organized approach to exam preparation.

We guide our students through a meticulously structured curriculum that makes studying more effective and efficient.



Our program provides students with a clear and organized approach to exam preparation.

We guide our students through a meticulously structured curriculum that makes studying more effective and efficient.

Benefits of Joining the club

Structured Preparation

Our program provides students with a clear and organized approach to exam preparation. It's like having a well-defined roadmap for academic success. Your child will be guided through a meticulously structured curriculum that makes studying more effective and efficient.

Proactive Time Management

We equip students with advanced time management techniques that are the secret to maximizing productivity, boosting focus and minimizing distractions.

Curriculum Mastery

We teach students how to understand school and exam curriculum, so they can prepare adequately and grasp topics more easily enabling them to engage better in class discussions as well as ace their tests and exams.

Effective Study Techniques

We teach students active learning strategies like summarization, mind mapping and other strategies that go beyond memorization. These techniques are designed to enhance recall and understanding.

Confidence Building

We help students build unshakable confidence and eliminate self-doubt. With the added support of our program, your child will gain the assurance they need to approach exams with unwavering self-belief.

Positive Mindset

We're strong advocates of a growth-oriented mindset. This mindset not only helps students overcome academic challenges but is a valuable asset in life. They'll learn to tackle challenges with a positive mindset and a can-do attitude.

Study Habit Mastery

We help students develop habits and routines that will keep them focused as well as help them finish their academic and house tasks study.


Placing your child in a group with children of similar ages and aspirations can ignite their motivation to excel. They will be cheered on by their peers and by our coaches which will help them stay motivated to excel.

Tailored Support and Guidance

We provide monthly personalized one-to-one coaching and mentorship to address your child’s specific needs and inspire them to stay driven and enthusiastic about their studies and future goals.

This is a unique and exclusive opportunity available to a few families. Ready to unlock your teen’s potential? Click the Button below to register

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What Parents and Students Are Saying

“I learnt different ways that I can study better – ways I’d never thought of before. Now studying feels easier, more effective and interesting.”

Alison Burgas

“I  find it easier to focus in class and take my notes. I also no longer feel overwhelmed and disorganized during my study time.”

Mark Adam

Investing in your teen’s academic journey today will shape their future for years to come. By enrolling your child in our Study Boost Club, you’re equipping them with a comprehensive support system that goes beyond the traditional approach to tutoring.

With our guidance, your child will acquire invaluable strategies and tools to craft effective action plans, cultivate strong study habits, navigate distractions, steer clear of time-wasting habits, conquer procrastination, maintain organization, and build robust study routines to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for exams and tests.

You’ll be providing them with the essential guidance and support required to excel in their academic pursuits, setting the stage for their future success. Whether your child is currently in high school, tackling A Levels, or embarking on their university journey, we’re here to assist them in developing the mindset, skills, and strategies necessary to attain remarkable results and thrive academically.

We are dedicated to delivering your teen the coaching and direction needed to unlock their full academic and personal potential. There’s no need to delay—secure your child’s spot now by clicking the link below.

We are very selective about the families we choose to work with in the club. This is because

Our Academic Success Coaching Program follows a comprehensive and personalized approach to unlock your teen’s potential:

Assessment: Our expert coaches assess your teen’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement to create a personalized coaching plan.

Consultation: We start with a complimentary consultation to understand your teen’s unique challenges, goals, and aspirations.


Group Coaching: With three weekly guided group study sessions, we encourage accountability, motivation, and collaborative learning.

Personalized Coaching: Through one-on-one sessions, our coaches provide targeted guidance, subject-specific support, and exam strategies tailored to your teen’s needs.

Progress Tracking: We monitor your teen’s progress and provide regular updates to you, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Ongoing Support: Our coaches are available to answer questions, provide additional resources, and offer support throughout the program.

How academic coaching differs from tutoring

Academic coaching focuses on developing broader academic skills and strategies with a long-term perspective, aiming to equip students with tools applicable across various subjects. It adopts a collaborative and personalized approach, aiming to prevent academic challenges proactively.

In contrast, tutoring is more subject-specific and tends to provide direct instruction to address immediate academic issues, often in a reactive manner. Both serve crucial roles in supporting students but differ significantly in their methodology and goals.

A message from our Founder and Lead Coach

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the duration of the Study Boost Club program?

The Study Boost Club is a 10-month program that aligns with the academic year. This length allows for comprehensive support, skill development, and academic growth over an extended period.

Who is this program suitable for?

The Study Boost Club is designed for students in their teens age (13-19), helping them develop study skills, exam preparation strategies and to develop essential life skills.

How much time does the Study Boost Club program require each week?

The Study Boost Club program typically requires approximately 7 hours per week of your child’s dedicated study and participation in scheduled group sessions.

What tools or materials will my child need to participate?

Your child will need a computer or tablet with internet access for virtual sessions, access to study materials for their subjects, and a dedicated space for focused study.

What's the schedule for the Study Boost Club sessions?

The schedule includes three weekly guided group study sessions, with specific times and days outlined in the program calendar provided upon registration.

How involved are parents in the program?

Parental involvement can be as hands-on as you wish, but it’s not a requirement. We provide regular updates and progress reports to keep you informed about your child’s development in the program.

What if my child needs additional support or has specific learning needs?

We offer personalized support and guidance. If your child requires extra assistance, our mentors will work with them to ensure their individual needs are met.

Will my child be guaranteed A+ grades after participating in the program?


While we strive to provide the best support and resources, grades depend on individual effort and performance. We focus on enhancing study skills and personal development to help your child reach their full potential.

Can my child join the program at any time during the year?

Enrollment is typically open at specific times during the year. However, due to limited space and the effectiveness of the program, we encourage early registration to secure a spot for your child.

Concern about Effectiveness: If you’re worried about the virtual format’s effectiveness, rest assured that the Study Boost Club has been thoughtfully crafted to provide a robust and engaging online learning experience. Our program includes personalized mentorship, structured routines, and small group study sessions, ensuring that your child receives individualized support, even in a virtual setting.

Lack of Personalization: You might wonder if a virtual program can provide the personal touch of in-person education. We understand this concern, and that’s why our virtual program offers one-on-one mentorship and small group sessions. These elements allow for tailored guidance and create a close-knit learning community where your child’s unique needs are a top priority.

Engagement and Interaction: Concerned about your child’s engagement and interaction in a virtual environment? The Study Boost Club addresses this by incorporating three weekly guided group study sessions. These sessions provide opportunities for active participation, questions, and collaboration with peers. Your child won’t miss out on the interaction and camaraderie that traditional classrooms offer.

Access to Resources: If you’re wondering about access to study materials and resources, be assured that the Study Boost Club provides all necessary materials. Our virtual platform is accessible from anywhere, ensuring convenience and flexibility. Your child will have all the resources they need at their fingertips.

Technical Requirements: Worried about technical requirements? We’ve kept them minimal and user-friendly, and we have a dedicated support system in place to assist with any technical issues. Your child’s learning experience is our priority, and we’ve taken every step to make it as smooth as possible.

Parental Involvement: Some parents may be concerned about their own role in a virtual program. While parental support is valuable, our program is designed to foster independent study skills in students. This means your child will become adept at studying on their own, regardless of the level of parental involvement.

By addressing these concerns head-on, we aim to provide clarity and build your confidence in the Study Boost Club’s virtual learning experience. We’re committed to ensuring that your child’s academic journey is both effective and rewarding in the virtual environment.