Are you looking for a solution that can help your child get A+ grades and achieve their full potential in school?

Set up your Child for their

Best Grades Ever this School Year

Students generally have difficulties studying by themselves and struggle with daily distractions. They need strategies and tools to develop effective study habits and systems to manage distractions, overcome study procrastination, stay organized, and build rock solid study plans that set them up for high grades

Are you deeply concerned about child’s your performance in school?

Do you want them to get into top secondary schools, Universities and Colleges  across the Globe?

Are you frustrated about not having enough time to monitor your child’s studies and academic performance?

Are you tired, of hiring lessons teachers and yet your child’s grades are not improving significantly?

You are not alone, this is the story of many parents with teenage children.  The problem lies in the way they study. Most Schools focus on providing subject specific information but rarely do they teach  students how to actually study and make the information they are learning.

Do you want you child to achieve their full potential this school year?
If you answered yes to this question then you should register your child for Study Boost Camp happening this October

Meet your Child's Coach

Hi I am Dami Akinbayo and I am a Student Success Coach. I will be your child’s guide during the study boost camp

I have been where your child is now! multiple times!

I remember preparing to go back to school after summer holidays. I would start the term with excitement, high hopes, great anticipation and some pretty excellent goals to get good grades. I wanted all A’s.

I had a good attitude about school and was willing and eager to do my work. I would prepare and study for tests and exams the best way I knew how. I would read and re-read my text books and sometimes do practice questions or past exams but I would often be surprised and totally crushed by an unexpected  C or D grade.

I used to be so baffled about why my efforts and good intentions were not working consistently. Many times I would get the A+ grade I truly desired but  other times I would fall short. 

Why did I not get the grades I wanted then?

Why did I struggle so much then?

Why was I always so stressed and overwhelmed?

These are some of the questions that led me to academic life coaching. During my coach training, I finally understood that my results were inconsistent because I had no idea how to develop the right skills, apply proven strategies and create a structure to help me achieve my personal best.

I can teach your child  the secrets for school success which are not taught at school. Most schools do not teach students how to study so they can get A+ grades every time. Teachers expect students to figure it out on their own.  

Unfortunately most students either never really figure  how to study effectively or they figure it out after much damage has been done to their grades.

Simply put, my mission is to help students overcome the struggles and stress of school.

Let me help your child “get studying right”.

Give your child's
study skills a boost
Here's a Sneak Peek of our Course

The training course for Study Boost Camp is the The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™ created by Gretchen Wegner. She is an internationally recognized expert, educator and an Academic Life Coach that has coached hundreds of students and teachers on how to reduce school stress by building executive function skills, and her unique system for time management, organization and studying. Student will be given access to 7 different modules in the course portal.

  • Learn how to setup for success 
  • Learn the difference between homework & studying
  • The meaning of study
  • How to study effectively
  • Understand how learning happens and what is happening in the brain during learning
  • Introduction to Neural Pathways
  • A simple formula to learn anything
  • Understand why learning sometimes feels SO HARD
  • Learn four important ways that the brain takes in information
  • Learn to vary study methods to beat boredom
  • Learn how to make studying more active
  • Learn to take creative powerful notes that make key points stick
  • Different methods to take note
  • Strategies to summarize notes for better retention and recall
  • How to summarize an entire book on one page
  • Right way to read a book
  • Discover various ways for quizzing themselves while studying
  • Learn how to create study tools like flash cards, mindmaps and others to prepare for tests and exams
  • Learn how to prove that they are test and exam ready
  • How to make an effective study plan
  • How to organize their school resources and items
  • The power of spaced retrieval
  • How to put their study plans on a calendar
  • 3 keys to overcoming procrastination
  • Two life changing routines for students
  • How to setup reminders and backup plans
  • Learn the power of accountability to help them take action
What our Students Say After Camp

I learnt different ways that I can study better...…..ways I'd never thought of before. Now studying feels easier, more effective and interesting.


AGE 16

I find it easier to focus in class and take my notes. I also no longer feel overwhelmed and disorganized during study time


AGE 13

Imagine what it would be like if your child could manage distractions, overcome procrastination, study effectively, and achieve their fullest potential every school year.

 The art of studying effectively is a skill which relies on multiple skills that need to be taught to students. You will be enabling and empowering your child to accelerate their learning. They will get ahead in their studies faster.

Enroll your child in the study boost camp program today! 



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This Boost Camp is suitable for students from Ages 10 upwards.

I can’t wait to meet you and your child in class. I look forward to being a partner in your child’s success story.

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This Boost Camp is suitable for students from Ages 10 upwards.

I can’t wait to meet you and your child in class. I look forward to being a partner in your child’s success story.

Don’t let your child miss out on this life changing study training program! 

Limited slots available. 


N 120,000


$ 200


Most frequent questions and answers

The Enrollment  Fee is  $250 USD or 500,000 Naira per Child.

The Next Study Boost Camp starts in October. Exact Date to be announced. Make sure to join the waiting list for more information.

It takes place online via ZOOM.

It is for preteens and teenagers from Ages 10 – 16. Older students can also participate.

They will need a stable internet connection, Zoom and a laptop or tablet. They will also need a willingness to learn and to do assigned work. 

You can contact us via WhatsApp chat or call on  08105483616 or by email on admin@studentinspired.com

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