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Study Skills Coaching To Help Your Teen Learn “How To Study Effectively” So They Can Maximize Their Potential For Excellent Grades!

Register For Study Boost Camp Today! (Suitable for ALL teenage students (13 – 19) studying for IGCSE, GCSE, A-levels, SAT, AP, IB and University Foundation). Classes are held during Easter & Summer Holidays!

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are in the right place. Keep on reading…..

At Study Boost Camp, we teach teenagers strategies and techniques to help them study and prepare effectively for ALL their tests and exams.

Learning how to study effectively is an important skill that needs deliberate practice and guidance.

Study Boost Camp will not only support your teen’s academic success but also equip them with valuable skills for lifelong learning and career advancement.

It is absolutely crucial to ensure your teen has the skills, knowledge, and experiences they need to shine and achieve outstanding results.

By helping your teen learn Key Study Skills, you’ll be giving them the best chance of success in their educational journey, and setting them on the path to a bright future. 

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Early and effective preparation is crucial for your teen to get accepted and excel at the very best private schools, colleges, and universities worldwide. 

Then the earlier your teen starts to transform their study skills, habits and mindset the faster you will see their grades improve. 

Everyday really counts!

Study Boost Camp will help your teen be more fired up and driven to get A* grades.. 

It’s needed by ALL teenage students especially if they are preparing for major exams like GCSE, IGCSE’s, SAT’s, ALevels, IB or AP and University Foundational levels.

The competition for admission into top educational institutions is fiercer than ever before. 

This program is more than just random tips; it is a well-structured program designed to reshape your teen’s mindset, improve focus, and equip them with effective study strategies for sustained academic success. 

Your teen can avoid going through a lengthy trial-and-error process when you enrol them in Study Boost Camp.

Meet your Teen's Academic Coach

Here’s How My Journey To Academic Coaching Started...

Over a 10 year period I attended 4 universities in 4 different countries.

I studied Architecture in Nigeria/Ghana, I got a masters degree in Project Management from University of Leeds, in the UK, and I also studied Business Administration in Canada.

Along the way I had my fair share of academic struggles. So it was not a smooth and easy ride all through.

I had some inconsistent grades and the occasional average grade even though I was always determined to get all A’s.

I knew I was smart, but my grades did not consistently reflect my true potential.

I would ask my friends questions, my teachers too and take notes of the things I did that worked.

Fast forward to year 8 of my post-secondary education, I had finally learned several strategies and techniques for effective study and exam preparation.

I was now consistently on the Dean’s honours roll for high academic achievement.

I had learnt through a lot of trial and error and with a lot of stress what I needed to do to consistently get the high grades I truly wanted.

During my last program, I began to think about how to help other younger students excel more and struggle less.

I really wanted to share the secrets and strategies I had discovered that transformed me into an A+ student.

For several years, this thought kept coming to my mind. Then eventually in 2018, I went online to figure out what I needed to do to help students excel.

This was when I enrolled in an Academic Coach training and mentoring Program. After 1 year of training, I became a Certified Academic Coach.

Check out my profile on this page

Here's a Sneak Peek of our Course

Study Boost Camp is an online academic coaching program that guides your teen through the process and art of effective study. 

The curriculum for the program was developed by an internationally recognized education expert and Academic Life Coach Gretchen Wegner. 

We teach students the Study CycleTM framework which has helped thousands of students around the world improve their grades significantly.

In this module, your teen will learn how to study effectively with the use of the Study Cycle, Learn, Test and Review. They will also have the opportunity to talk about what stresses them about schooling. Our coaches will help them identify the root cause and collaborate with them to provide practical solutions.

From training the brain to academic success. In MODULE 2, your teen will learn about how the brain processes information. They will be introduced to a simple but powerful formula for learning anything. Through this module, they will also gain an understanding of why learning is difficult sometimes and be taught how to make learning easier.

The brain processes information in four major ways, hearing, speaking, moving and seeing. In this module, your teen will learn how to utilise the four study senses for academic success by using it to make learning more engaging. It includes more effective methods of studying than re-reading notes and textbooks, with this your teen can use their study methods to make learning more active and develop a love for studying.

Note taking is an effective way to recall information for future use. In this Module, your teen will learn the fundamentals of effective note taking and how to hone notes. That is, write notes in a way that the brain will be able to recognize easily. Apart from that, they will learn the right way to read a book, and the right way  to summarise a book.

Your teen will learn different ways to quiz themselves while studying to prove that they truly understand the material. They will learn how to use effective and fun study tools like flashcards, mind maps and so on. With this, your child will be able to prepare adequately for tests and exams, and even measure their readiness using the tips taught in this module.

In this module, your teen will learn how to create a personal study plan that suits their schedule. They will be taught how to organise their time, their school resources and materials including how to use both digital and physical planners to be in charge of their schedule. Have you heard of the backwards planning method? Your teen will learn how to use it to prepare for tests and exams.

In this Module, your child will learn how to use three major things to overcome procrastination, routine, team and tools in order to achieve academic success. With the help of calendars, planners, reminders and backup plans they will master how to plan their schedule and stay on top of deadlines.

Now that you know more about the course, imagine what your teen would be missing out if you do not enrol them? Help your teen get on the path to academic success.

What Parents and Students are Saying

At Study Boost Camp, our focus is to teach teens how to develop effective study habits, study skills and study mindset.

We are delighted to share testimonials from parents and students who have used our program to boost their grades, and transform their study mindset. 

I am glad my daughter attended the Study Boost Camp coaching program. She has learned how to study better on her own and her grades have been improving gradually since then.

Mrs. Johnson (Parent)

Before enrolling my son in Study Boost Camp, he really had no interest in studying. He was only interested in playing video games. After the program, he is now more eager to study. I look forward to him making even more progress on his own. His grades are better than before, thanks to Ms Dami for putting this together.

Mr. Victor (Parent)

My child struggles less with procrastination after attending Study Boost Camp, I have seen great changes. She is now better at planning and managing their time better.

Mrs. Margaret (Parent)

Sign up your teen today and see the difference.

I find it easier to focus in class and take my notes. I also no longer feel overwhelmed and disorganised during study time.

Jean Marc  B (Student)

Before I started using the note taking tips I learnt from Study Boost Camp, my notes were always messy. I no longer have difficulty in finding the information I need, and I now take better and concise notes, and it has helped me at school.

George  J (Student)

Studying has become easier since I started using my four study senses while reading. Thanks to Study Boost Camp, studying my school books has become easier.

Ololade A (Student)

I learnt how to use flashcards after my mom enrolled me in the Study Boost Camp and it has made studying much easier. I now remember information without stress and have better grades in school.

Michelle (Student)

Imagine what it would be like if your child could manage distractions, overcome procrastination, study effectively, and achieve their fullest potential every school year.

The art of studying effectively is not just a skill; it’s a transformative journey that equips students with a powerful toolkit for success. 

Through our comprehensive program, your teen will gain the knowledge and strategies they need to accelerate their learning and boost their grades.

Enroll your teen in the study boost camp program today! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers


The Enrollment  Fee is 250,000 Naira per Child.

We offer a 10% discount to parents who enrol at least 3 weeks before the program start date.

We also offer a 20% sibling discount if you enrol more than 1 child at the same time.

The Next Study Boost Camp starts on the 24th Aug – 31st Aug.

It takes place online via ZOOM.

It is for teenagers from Ages 13 – 19.

They will need a stable internet connection, Zoom and a laptop or tablet. They will also need a willingness to learn and to do assigned work.

As a parent, we rely on your partnership to ensure your child is attending scheduled sessions. We send session invites to you and your teen and remind you to ensure your teen shows up on time for live sessions.

The schedule includes 4 guided group live coaching sessions, with specific times and days outlined in the program calendar provided upon registration. Typically Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. Sessions start at 4pm.

While we strive to provide the best support and resources, grades depend on individual effort and performance. We focus on enhancing study skills and personal development to help your child reach their full potential.

Yes. One -on- one coaching is available which offers more flexibility with scheduling and more personalized coaching.

You can contact us via WhatsApp chat or call on  (+234) 810-548-3616 or by email to admin@studentinspired.com

Who We Are

At Student Inspired, our mission is to empower students to maximize their academic potential. We understand the pressures of today’s fast paced education, and we strive to equip students with the study skills, strategies, and support they need to become independent exceptional learners.

At Student Inspired, we believe that academic success extends beyond grades and test scores. We strive to inspire our students to develop a passion for learning and master vital life skills that will help them excel not only in their academics but also in their personal and professional lives.

Our focus is to teach teens how to develop effective study habits, study skills and study mindset. We offer a range of coaching, courses, and consulting services to help parents enhance their teen’s academic performance.

Meet our Founder

Dami Mgbemena is the founder of Student Inspired. She transitioned from a career as a Project Manager to become an Academic Life Coach. She specializes in coaching teenagers to develop the study skills, habits and mindset they absolutely must have to achieve academic excellence.

Calm, empathetic, patient, persistent and results- oriented, Dami has always been deeply drawn to finding ways to make students’ lives easier and helping them succeed in school.

She is a Nigerian Canadian mother of 2 children who is privileged to have studied and worked in 3 different continents: Africa, Europe, and North America. She has multiple degrees in Architecture, Project Management and Business Administration.

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