The Meaning of Grit and How to Teach it

Is your teen gritty? I don’t mean down in the dirt gritty, but mentally gritty? Grit is an acquired character trait – it can be learnt. It’s something that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. So, what exactly is grit? The word “grit” may trigger thoughts of the stereotypical tough guys with cowboy hats, which […]

Skills of Successful Students: Turn Small Actions into Big Wins

When our teenagers start to struggle in school, it’s tempting to think that something significant is wrong: Maybe they aren’t cut out for the advanced classes they’re enrolled in Maybe their friends are a bad influence and affecting their grades Maybe we need to drop everything, get them a tutor and double down on study […]

Nurturing a growth mindset in your Child

INTRODUCTION Academic success is not just about your teenager’s grades, but also their attitude towards education and learning. Students that believe they can learn anything, put in more effort studying, they have a growth mindset. Such students continue improving in school and are more likely to become high flying students. Research has shown that students […]

Easy Time Management Tips for Students

Here are some quick and easy time management tips for students. These tips will help them to  maximize their  time and feel stress-free. Everyone has the same number of hours in the day… for a student, it never really seems like there’s enough time to do the things they want to do, let alone the […]

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