Our Services

We guide and support students with the knowledge, empathy and enthusiasm required to help them excel in school

What We Do


Academic coaching helps students learn strategies for time management, organization, note-taking reading comprehension, exam preparation, effective studying and more. We track progress and collect data, so students can continue to concentrate on what is working. Throughout the time we spend with students, focus areas are adjusted as needed when progress is made.

We know how to get students to excel through personalized attention, patience, a lot of practice, and consistent effort.  With coaching, students typically do better on tests, improve their grades, reduce school-related stress, and learn valuable life skills.  Even motivated and proactive students can gain a strategic advantage by learning more effective and efficient techniques. Academic life coaching is designed to enhance wellbeing and academic performance of students. 


Do you have any questions or concerns about your student’s academic performance? Or are you seeking ways to optimize and enhance your student’s learning?. We offer private One – on -One consultations with parents to understand their children’s academic needs and to develop personalized support structures for academic success. We are able to provide you with functional resources and concrete recommendations that can be implemented right away to help your student. We also refer students with specialized needs that require careful intervention to practitioners who can offer more specialized testing and assistance. Your first 30 minute consultation is complimentary.


We understand the need to cater to our clients through various media to make our services more accessible to as many students as possible. Our online courses are one way we deliver our programs to students. A series of short engaging videos tailored around specific focus areas to tackle common student challenges have been created. Courses range from short mini single topic courses to more in-depth training on several focus areas.